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Who's Who

Mrs H Nelson - Head Teacher
Mrs C Taylor - Deputy Head Teacher
We benefit from having a wide range of staff with a lot of experience and skills.

Office/ Support Staff

Mrs K Naylor - Office Manager
Mrs N Kapadia - Office Administrator
Mrs H Timol - Office Assistant
Mr D Patel - Site Supervisor

Year 2

Mr J Barker - Class Teacher
Mrs E Taylor - Class Teacher
Miss L Finney - Class Teacher
Mrs J Tyldesley - Class Teacher
Miss S Avis - Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Karolia - Teaching Assistant
Mrs N Grunshaw - Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Patel - Teaching Assistant

Year 1

Mrs S Khan - Assistant Head Teacher
Mrs P McGarry - Class Teacher
Mrs S Massey - Class Teacher
Mrs A Bassa - Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Patel - Teaching Assistant
Mrs R Chaudhry - Teaching Assistant


Mrs A Diggle - Class Teacher
Mrs N Elvin - Class Teacher
Mrs L Whittle - Class Teacher
Mrs H Patel - Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Yaqoob - Teaching Assistant
Miss L Tudda - Teaching Assistant


Mrs J Eckersley - Class Teacher
Mrs H Timol - Teaching Assistant
Mrs T Mahmood - Teaching Assistant
Mrs Z Aslam - Teaching Assistant
Mrs S Hoosen - Nursery Assistant

SEN & Pupil Wellbeing

Mrs C Taylor - SENCO
Miss R Wallbank - Pupil Wellbeing
Mrs R Asghar - Teaching Assistant
Mrs L Ireland - Teaching Assistant
Mrs H Patel - Teaching Assistant
Mrs D Smolinski - TLA SEND
Mrs N Malik - TLA SEND
Mrs S Zaman - TLA SEND
Coach Ben - Coach

Catering Staff

Mrs W Banks - Catering Manager
Mrs M Farran - Assistant Cook
Mrs N Porter - Catering Assistant
Mrs N Rodden - Catering Assistant
Mrs R McInerney - Catering Assistant
Mrs S Bhajat - Catering Assistant
Mrs S Patel - Catering Assistant
Mrs F Nagdee - Catering Assistant

Welfare Assistants

Mrs A Chopdat - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs A Hussein - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs A Jasat - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs D Esmail - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Mulla - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Makda - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs H Hajat - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs H Jogee - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs Mehmood - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs N Afzal - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs N Bibi - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs R Ismail - Lunchtime Assistant
Mrs R Nagdee - Lunchtime Assistant


Mr Veevers
Site Supervisor Audley Infant & Junior School
Until 2014
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