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What will transition to school look like for my child? 

Due to Covid 19 transition to school will look different this year, you will receive a letter through the post before the end of this summer term. This letter will have information about what transition to school will look like for your child. 


Will I get to meet my child's class teacher before September? 

The Reception class teachers will be contacting the parent/s of each child before the summer holidays as part of the transition to school.


Will my child have a home visit from their class teacher? 

Unfortunately due to Covid 19 restrictions we will not be participating in any home visits this year but your child's class teacher will be in touch to speak to you and your child before the summer holidays. 


When will my child start school in September? 

You will receive a letter through the post and your child's class teacher will be in touch about starting dates in the next few weeks. 


Do I need to buy my child a reading book bag? 

When your child starts school in September they will be given a book bag, this is their book bag to be used during their time at Audley Infant School. If your child's book bag gets lost or is damaged beyond repair there will be a small charge for a replacement.


Will my child be able to have a school dinner? 

Yes, we encourage all children in the Infant school to try school dinners, especially as they are free for your child during their time in the Infant school!


My child has an allergy, medicine or medical condition that school needs to know about, what do I do? 

Please contact the school office and inform them of any medical conditions/ allergies that your child may have and when you speak to the class teacher (as part of the transition process) please let them know as well. Any medicines including inhalers, will need to be brought to school on the first day but please contact school before as we will need to fill in the correct documents. 


Where can I buy the school uniform from?

You can buy the Audley Infant School uniform from Whittakers. 


Why does my child need wellies for school?

In Reception we are fortunate to have a new lovely outdoor area to play in. We play outdoors in all weathers so appropriate footwear is highly recommended. We also wear wellies in fair weather so that we can have lots of fun playing on the bikes and scooters and we don't damage our shiny new school shoes. 




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