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Good morning children! 

Have you told your family what we were learning about in English on Monday?

Traditional tales - How many different traditional tales can you name?

Red Riding Hood


Goldilocks and the 3 bears

Hansel and Gretel


3 Billy Goats

How many more can you name?

Go throught the powerpoint about Traditional tales and see if you can spot some more.


Now read the story of the Enormous Turnip, it's a different version from the one we read on Monday

This week our story is The Enormous Turnip

Listen to the story again today with your family. Then discuss the story..

How do traditional stories usually begin? - 'Once upon a time'

How do they end? - They lived happily ever after.

Talk about the characters in the story, how many characters are there? Are there good and bad characters? Re-tell the story to someone in your family, can you remember what happens at the beginning, in the middle and at the end?

Today I would like you to try and write the start of the story. This is an example of what you could write.


Once upon a time there lived an old farmer with his family. He planted some turnip seeds. One day his wife said 'Please can you pull me a turnip because I want to make turnip soup for supper'. The farmer went outside and saw that one of the turnips was ENORMOUS, he started to pull. He pulled and he pulled but he couldn't get it out! He called his wife but she couldn't pull it out.


Try and use adjectives (describing words) to make your writing interesting. You could use conjunctions to extend your sentences and don't forget your capital letters and full stops.


Yellow and Red - I would like you to try and write at least half a page re-telling the beginning of the story, remember to use conjunctions, adjectives and punctuation.

Green group - can you write some sentences re-telling the start of the story.

Blue group - I would like you to try and write 1 or 2 sentences about what happened at the beginning.


Use the word mat below to help you with your writing.

If you have a printer you could write on this special paper, if not just write in you Green book

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