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Good morning everybody, please use the number splat grid provided to find one less than a number. You say a number then ask your child to tell you what is one less. Ask them which way do we move to find one less. Use objects for numbers up to 10 to support with this if needed. Repeat choosing different numbers. Try larger numbers. Does the number get bigger or smaller when we are finding one less?


Count in jumps of 2's, 5's then 10's splatting them on the 100 square as you go along. You can use the Jack Hartmann songs to support with this. Can your child chant the numbers in 2s, 5s then 10s without support to 100?

To use the 100 square below once opened

click enable editing

click slideshow

click from the beginning

To exit the 100 square press escape

Count by 2

Count by 5's

Count by 10's


Yellow/Red group activity sheet

Green and Blue group activity sheet

Optional extension and challenge cards

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