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w/b 8.6.20

This week we have lots of lovely maths activities for you to be working through!

- Please remember to practise your counting - in jumps of 2, 5 and 10, and also counting from 1 to 100.

- Practise writing your numbers up to 20 - we can't wait to see those correctly formed numbers when we get back to school!

- We would like you to focus on time this week. Talk about the order of the day - morning, lunchtime, teatime, bedtime. Use words such as before, after, yesterday, today, tomorrow to talk about the passing of time. You can also look at the clock - talk about the hands, numbers, minutes, hours. In reception we only look at o'clock so you can practise this with your child.

- Finally, there are daily activities all linked to the story of 'The Princess and the Wizard' that you can have a look at.

Have fun!

Days of the Week clap clap! to the tune of the Addams Family

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Here are the maths activities linked to the story of 'The Princess and the Wizard'.

The Princess and the Wizard written by Julia Donaldson

Julia Donaldson, The Princess and the Wizard, kids book. Julia Donaldson's The Princess and the Wizard narrated by myself with the characters read by my kids.

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