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Commotion in the Ocean

Read aloud of commotion in the ocean

This weeks book is a poem. Listen to the poem without telling the children which animals they are about to see. Ask the children to guess which animal is being described.

Below are a selection of activities for you to complete. Don't forget to send photos of your work to your teachers email address.

Thank you

Draw a picture of your favorite sea creature. Now think of some Adjectives (describing words) to add to your picture.

Can you think of the rhyming words?

Help your child read the sentence and colour the picture.

Dont forget to scroll down for this weeks phonics activities!


Lets start this week by watching the video below and practice reading the nonsense words with Mr Thorne. Look out for those phase 3 digraphs and trigraphs!

Phonics Assessment Episode 4 - Blending and Decoding Pseudo Words



This week we are learning how to read some long words, like last week. We are going to read words that have two adjacent consonants in them. Using a phoneme frame encourage your child to read these words- spot, step, trip, from, skip, steep, tree, trail, train. 

Phoneme Frame

Put one sound in each box.




t     r     ai     n


See below


Don’t forget to play Phonics play games using phase 4 words and complete the activities on education city too!

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