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w/b 4.5.20

Mr Ben Sliding Picture.

We enjoyed making moving pictures in Design Technology. Can you remember how to make them?
For your English this week you are writing your own Mr Ben fantasy story. Why not try and make your own sliding picture for your own fantasy story. I had great fun making mine at home. Hope you enjoy making yours. We would love to see them!


For our Art this week we are going to be exploring Transient Art. This means ‘art that’s moveable’.  Put simply, it’s the use of lots of materials to create a picture or a pattern.  It is a piece of art with loose parts with no permanent end product; a way of creating both indoors and out whilst incorporating many other elements of learning.

The best thing about creating your own piece of Transient Art is that you do not need to use glue!!

If you want to look up Andy Goldsworthy's Art work he is famous for his Transient Art.

Here are a few examples of Transient Art that I made at my house!


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