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w/b 4.5.20

Here are this weeks English activities. Don't forget to scroll down to find this weeks Phonics activities too.

A Squash and a Squeeze By Julia Donaldson & Illustrated by Axel Scheffler

'A Squash and a Squeeze' is a story of an old lady who goes to appreciate the size of her house. She enlists the help of a wise old man, who tells her to tak...

Teaching Ideas and Resources:


  • Create a 'For Sale' poster of the old lady’s house to encourage people to buy it.
  • Make a list of words that the author uses instead of ‘small’ (e.g. poky, tiny, titchy, teeny). Can you think of anymore?
  • Make a list of rhyming words used in the story.
  • Make a new page for the book in which the old lady invites another animal into her house.

Can you match these rhyming words?

Can you fill in the missing words?

Can you think of different words for 'BIG' and 'little'?

Can you answer these questions about the story?

Challenge: Can you complete this word-search?



This week we are going to recap all our phase 3 sounds, if there are any sounds your child is unsure of go back to previous weeks and re-watch the videos. 

Can you find all the sound in the picture?

Click on the link below and look at page 2 to find out which sounds you are looking for.

Dont forget to practice your tricky words!

Can you write them as well as read them? Practice writing these words from memory first,







When you can write those tricky words practice reading and writing these tricky words,







Watch the videos to help you, remember they are tricky words, don't let them trick you!

Tricky Words and Sight Words Song

A tricky word/sight word song

Phase 3 Tricky Words Song Say Hello To

Tricky words/sight words featured me, be, was, you, my, all, are, they, was.

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