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w/b 27.4.20

Good Morning!

We hope you are all well and keeping safe.


This week we have a story again with daily maths activities for you to have a go at.


Also, we would like you to practise counting 1 less than a number. Use your fingers, a number line, your hundred square, or any objects you can count (eg buttons, pencils, dried pasta pieces, stones). Remember - 1 less is taking away 1 so it's really good to practise your counting backwards as well!


Keep practising your counting in jumps of 2, 5 and 10. The YouTube songs are in the maths folder w/b 20.4.20. 


Make sure you are still practising your number formation - we want to see your numbers written beautifully when we get back to school!


Don't forget you can email school with any photographs to share your learning with everyone!

CBeebies Bedtime Stories Ellie Harrison The Night Pirates

Here is the story for your maths activites this week!

🐠The troll by Julia Donaldson | Books read aloud for kids

Here's the second story to help you with your maths activities this week!.

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Maths daily lesson for Tuesday

Maths daily lesson for Wednesday

Maths daily lesson for Thursday

Maths daily lesson for Friday

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