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w/b 1.6.20

Here are this weeks English activities. Don't forget to scroll down for this weeks phonics activities!

We hope you all have enjoyed your Eid celebrations and would love to see what you have been up to.

Please help your child complete the sheet below and send a photo of their work to the class teacher.


We are learning how to read longer words this week again and some nonsense words too. Watch the video below and practice reading the nonsense words. (Have a look at w/b 18.5.20 for a recap on how to read cvcc words)


Phonics Assessment Episode 3 - Blending and Decoding Pseudo Words

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and read the nonsense words

Play the games on phonics play (Dragons Den, Picnic on Pluto, Buried Treasure) with Phase 3 and Phase 4 words (for phase 4 please select cvcc words, set 1-7 plus digraphs).


Play the Bingo Game on ICT Games (click the link below and select option 14 cvcc) can your child spot the digraphs (two letters to make one sound) and trigraphs (three letters to make one sound) in some of the words.


Don’t forget there are lots of games for your child to play on education city too!

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