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Today I would like you to listen to another version of the story. What do you notice about this version. Does it have the same beginning, middle and end? What does the Giant say?

Who does Jack get the beans from? Talk to your family about how the story is the same or different from the version you read yesterday.

Jack and the Beanstalk

I would like you to think about the adjectives you used to describe Jack yesterday.


Green and Blue groups - 

Today I want you to put the adjectives into simple sentences. For example:

Jack was a good boy.

Jack was caring. 

Jack was poor

Write the sentences in your book and don't forget each sentence starts with a capital letter and ends with a full stop.


Yellow and Red groups -

We are trying to teach the children how to extend their sentences using conjunctions, conjunctions connect 2 short sentences together to make a longer sentence.

For example - 

Jack was caring and wanted to help his mum.

Jack was a good boy and listened to his mum

Jack was poor because they had no money.

Jack was sad because he had to sell the cow.

Jack was scared of the Giant but he had to be brave to help his mum.

Jack had enough food but he was greedy and went back for more.


As you can see I have highlighted the conjunction in green, and, but, because are all conjunctions.

I would like you to write some of your own sentences using the adjectives from yesterday and try to put a conjunction into your sentence. Can you write 5 sentences?


Can you add the correct Conjunction?

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