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Did your child enjoy learning about materials last week. Can your child name all the different materials when you test them? Well done!

Now that your child can name the materials and knows what different objects are made from we would like them this week to start to use the correct vocabulary to describe the material. The best way to do this is to get your child to feel the materials. Touch the wooden chair is it smooth, rough, bumpy? Is it soft or hard? Talk about the glass windows, are they rough, smooth, soft, hard? Introduce the word 'transparent' explaining it means see through. Explain that's why windows are made from glass because they are transparent - letting the light through and allowing us to look through them. Would it be a good idea to make windows from wood? Why not?

Look at other materials around the house and talk about their properties, why do we not have glass chairs - because they are 'fragile' they would break and would not be safe! You could go on Youtube and watch videos on materials, also look at the activities and videos on Discovery.



In Science this half term we will be learning about 'Materials'. You could start off the topic with a  Walk around the house and garden looking at different materials and discussing their properties.  Ask your child what the windows are made of, the doors and the walls of the house. Can they name the different materials? What is the roof made from? What are objects in the house made from? Do you have a leather sofa or a fabric sofa? A carpet floor or a wooden floor?

We want the children to be able to identify and name a variety of everyday materials, including wood, plastic, glass, metal, water and rock. We want them to be able to describe the properties of everyday materials and be able to sort materials by their properties.

Please use the links below to start introducing to your child all the different materials and their properties. We have also included a vocabulary mat and key words your child needs to learn in this topic.


Transport, travel and landmarks of London | Geography - William Whiskerson

Hi everyone! Please watch the clip that is all about transport and travelling around London.
What did you find out?
Can you answer these questions?
What form of transport can you use to travel around London?
How did William and Kilala travel around London?
Where did William and Kilala visit while they were in London?


This half term we have been learning all about plants. Ask your child what they know about plants, get them to draw you a sunflower and label it - you will be surprised at just how much they know! They will also be able to tell you what plants needs to grow. 

Talk to your child about different flowers growing in Spring - how many different flowers can they name? Ask them what deciduous and evergreen mean? We have talked about Spring and discussed signs of Spring, the children went for a walk around the school grounds only last week, ask them what flowers we found and about the buds on the trees!

Week 2

Talk about the weather with your child. Can they use different words to describe the weather? Record the weather each day and look on weather apps to record the temperature each day and at different points in the day? Ask your children questions like does the temperature stay the same during the day or does it change? Is it warmer or colder at night? Why? Compare the weather and temperature each day and talk about which day was warmer or colder and by how many degrees. Here are some resources to help you. smiley

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