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Well done to everyone who completed the online learning yesterday.smiley We are looking forward to seeing and hearing about the work you have completed. Parents/carers please remember to send pictures or a quick email to say how your child is getting on with their work.

Oral starter     

Count in jumps of 2's, 5's and 10's.Splat them on the 100 square. Use the Jack Hartmann songs on the links from yesterday to support. Can they chant the numbers without looking at the 100 square?


Count in 10's from 10 to 100. Use the 100 square from yesterday to help children count in 10's from a given number e.g. from 30, from 60 etc. (If your child is struggling with this please do help them by pointing at the numbers and saying it with them).


Challenge the children to splat in 10's from any number on the 100 square e.g you say 36 and they have to splat 46, 56, 66 and so on. Try different numbers on the 100 square. Can your child count on from your number in 10's without looking at the 100 square? Ask them what do they notice on the 100 square when they splat it in jumps of 10? (it is the number underneath each time)


For the activity below if you don't have a printer to print the sheets off ask your child to write the numbers in order in the green remote learning books that we sent home. Order numbers 10-100 if your child is struggling let them look at the 100 square.

Yellow and Red group activity

You say a two digit number for your child to write in their green book then ask them to write 10 less and 10 more than the number. e.g. you say 78 they then have to write 68 and 88 at either side of the number.

Repeat this a few times using different starting numbers.



You say a number and see if your child can count back from it in jumps of 10.

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