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Monday 1st March 2021

Brave Little Owl

Enjoy this weeks story about a little owl who learns how to fly.

Don't forget to answer the questions after.

Have fun!

Brave Little Owl by Penny Little I Read Aloud I Bedtime story



1. Who was babysitting the owls?


2. Which word would you use to describe Little Owl?

a. clever

b. brave

c. silly

d. scared

Why? Write a few sentences to explain why you chose that word.


3. Can you use different adjectives to describe the owls?


4. Can you use Word Hippo to find other words for:





5. Fill in the missing words in the sentences.....

a. The owls wanted Grandpa to teach them to _______.

(swim, run, fly, jump)


b. The other owls _________ (teased, shouted at, laughed at, pushed) Little Owl.


c. Little owl did not ________ (attempt, give interest, give up, bother) to learn how to fly. 


6. What were the other animals scared off?

    Badger                        heights

    Squirrel                      owls

    Mouse                        when the sun went in

    Sunny Bunny            dark burrow


7. Can you sequence the sentences in the correct order?


a. The other owls teased Little owl.

b. Badger told Little Owl he was scared of his dark burrow.

c. Grandpa Owl was babysitting the owls.

d. Little Owl slipped and dangled from the branch.

e. Mummy and Daddy Owl were out hunting.

f. Little Owl was upset because she could not fly.

g. Grandma Owl was very happy when she saw Little Owl flying.

h. Grandpa Owl told Little Owl he was scared of flying when he was young.



8. How do you think Little Owl felt at the end of the story?

Can you give reasons for your answer?



9. Can you write the names of the Author and Illustrator?

Monday 22nd February 2021

Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs

Enjoy this weeks story about Harry losing his dinosaurs.

Will he be able to find them again?

Don't forget to answer the questions at the end.

Have fun!


Harry and the Bucketful of Dinosaurs - Give Us A Story



1. Write down the names of the Author and Illustrator of the 


    Can you explain what the Author and Illustrator do in the



2. Can you explain what an 'attic' means?

    Do you have an attic in your house? 


3. Can you describe the dinosaurs using adjectives?

    Make them interesting!   


4. What happened to the dinosaurs when Harry went on 

    the train?


5. Can you write the names of the dinosaurs in 

    alphabetical order?


6. Can you sequence the sentences from the story in 

    the correct order?

1. One day, Harry forgot his dinosaurs on the train.

2. Harry took all of the dinosaurs out of the box and put 

    them in a bucket.

3. Harry found his dinosaurs and he was very happy.

4. Harry found a box full of dinosaurs in the attic.

5. Harry spilt milk on Sam's book because she called

    his dinosaurs "dusty old junk".

6. Harry gave all his dinosaurs names.

7. Nan took Harry back to the train station to see the Lost 

    Property Man.

8. Harry took the dinosaurs everywhere with him.


7. True or False?

 a. Harry and Nan were cleaning the dining room. T/F?

 b. They found a tub with dinosaurs in. T/F?

 c. He put the dinosaurs in a bucket. T/F?

 d. He forgot them on the bus? T/F?

 e. Harry was happy and he wanted a new video. T/F? 

 f. Finally, Harry found his dinosaurs. T/F? 


8. Complete the story using the words from the word bank.

    ___ ___, Harry and Nan ____ cleaning the attic. They

    _____ a box full of dinosaurs. 

found              One day               were


_____, Harry went to the kitchen, ______ the dinosaurs and ___ them all in a bucket.

put                Then              washed      


_____ ____, he ____ the dinosaurs everywhere with him. When Harry ____ to bed, the _________ went to bed too.

went       took         dinosaurs      After that


___ ___, he ___ very sad _______ he ______ the dinosaurs on the _____.

because   train    One day     forgot      was


_______, Harry went ____ to the train station ___ he found them. He was very _____.

back         happy           Finally        and  



9. Can you draw your own dinosaur and write some 

     sentences about it?

    Don't forget to use Nouns, Adjectives, Verbs, Adverbs          and Conjunctions. 


Monday 8th February 2021

The Motorway

Enjoy this weeks story about how Biff, Chip and Gran save a village from a motorway being built near it.

Don't forget to answer the questions after.

Have fun!

Before you start the story..... can you predict how the characters helped with stopping the motorway being built?






1. Did you predict correctly of how the characters helped in stopping the motorway being built?

 Can you write down what predictions you made?


2. Can you name any other characters from the story?


3. What happens in the story?

Can you write a few sentences about the story using:

- Beginning 

- Middle 

- End


4. What did the children find in Gran's shed?


5. Which words describe how Gran felt after hearing about the motorway? 

A - Happy 

B - Sad 

C - Afraid 

D - Scared 

E - Upset 

F - Hurt 

G - Worried


6. The people in the village were happy when they heard about the Motorway. True/False?


7. What does the word 'rare' mean in the sentence:- 

" I think these flowers are very rare." said Gran.

( Hint:- use a dictionary to find the meaning). 


8.Can you number these sentences to show the order they happened in the story?

A. The wind pulled the dragon kite out of Biff's hand making him upset. 

B. The children wanted to fly the kite, so they went to the woodlands. 

C. Gran's idea was to make the big hole into a lake. 

D. The children found a dragon kite in the shed. 

E. The rare flowers and the village were saved. 

F. The children liked staying with Gran because she was good fun. 

G. Building the motorway upset the people in the village.


9. How would you feel if there was a motorway being built near your house?

Can you give reasons for your answer. 







Monday 1st February 2021

Babaroo the Alien learns about hygiene.


Enjoy this weeks story and watch how Babaroo keeps himself clean with some help from his friends.

Don't forget to answer the questions at the end.

Have fun!







Babaroo the Alien Learns about Hygiene read aloud


1. Babaroo is:

a. A Bee

b. A Robot

c. An Alien

d. A Butterfly


2. Babaroo lives on Blue Planet. True or false?


3. Where does Babaroo wish to be?


4. What is our planet called?


5. How does Babaroo come to Planet Earth?

Choose the correct answer from the following:

a. on a space bicycle          c. on a space tricycle

b. on a sledge                      d. in a rocket


6. What items does Babaroo have to help him clean himself up with?


7. Can you sequence the following sentences in the correct order?

a. Babaroo does not know how to use the cleaning items.

b. His friends are amazed when they see Babaroo is clean.

c. Babaroo comes to Planet Earth on his space tricycle.

d. Babaroo learned it is important to keep clean.

e. The Butterfly helps Babaroo to clean himself.

f. Butterfly says "if you stay clean, diseases and viruses will stay away from you."


8. Can you give Babaroo anymore ideas on how to keep clean?

Monday 25th January 2021

Going to the Doctor

Enjoy this weeks story about what happens to Kipper when he is not feeling well.

Don't forget to answer the questions at the end.

Have fun!




1.Where were the children going at the end of the week?


2. Choose the correct sentences from the list below:

A. Kipper had a bad cough.

B. Kipper's head ached.

C. Kipper had a runny nose.

D. Kipper had a tummy ache.

E. Kipper had a sore throat. 

F. Kipper felt cold.

G. Kipper had a sore mouth.

H. Kipper sneezed.


3. What is the name of Kipper's Doctor?

    What is the name of your Doctor?


4. Kipper was 'sad' because he could not go on the trip.

    Can you find some more words which has a similar meaning to the word 'sad'.

 ( Hint:- You can use Word Hippo.)


5. What was the 'surprise' that Mum had for Kipper?


6. Why do you think Kipper said "I think the tiger has a cold"?


7. After answering these questions, don't forget to answer the extra questions at the end of the YouTube story too.



Monday 18th January 2021


Enjoy today's Non Fiction book, which has lots of interesting facts and information in about Flamingos. 

Don't forget to answer the questions.

Have Fun! 

Flamingos / non-fiction books/ teaching English/ teach reading for kids.



1. Choose the correct word. 

Flamingos have                  (short, big, long, thin) necks and legs.


Fill in the blank. 

2. The large groups that Flamingos live in are called         ?


3. What two things give Flamingos their pink colour?


4. Flamingos lay two eggs at a time. True or False?


5. Choose two answers.

A Chicks feathers are:

A.  White           C. green 

B. black             D. grey 


6. After how many years does it take for a flamingo to turn pink?


7. Using the Glossary at the end of the story...

Can you write the definitions for the words:





8. Challenge: Can you find some fun facts about an animal or bird of your own choice?







Monday 11th January

Grumpy Monkey.

Enjoy listening to the story of the Grumpy Monkey and how his friends try to help him.

Answer the questions below.

Have fun!

Grumpy Monkey by Suzanne Lang (Read Aloud) | Storytime | Emotions


1. Is the story Fiction or Non Fiction?

    Who is the Author?

    What did Max Lang do in the book? 


2. What does the word 'grumpy' mean?

 A. sad              C. bad tempered 

 B. happy          D. funny


3. Can you sequence the order of the animals that Jim met on his walk?

(you can use Time Connectives if you wish...First, Second, Then, Next etc...)


4. Jim was happy at the end of the story. True or False?



Thursday 7th January 2021

Enjoy watching the story about the cat and can you answer the questions after?

Tabby McTat - Read by Alan Mandel


1. What is the name of the cat?

2. Which adjectives were used to describe the Black Cat?

3. What jobs did Tabby do in her new home?

    Can you write them in a list using commas?

4. Using a dictionary...Can you find what the word 'busker' means?


Wednesday, 9th December

Here's a link to a lovely story about a little mouse looking for the perfect decoration for his tree, when the sky started to fall apart......

Tuesday, 8th December

Here is a story called 'How to Trick a Christmas Elf'. Enjoy listening to it.

Monday 7th December

Below is a link to an adventure story on Oxford Owls.  This is a free website.  You must enter an email address and set up a password - but the is no cost. 

Your child can listen to the story if it is too challenging for them, but encourage them to try reading it before they click to listen to it.

Sparks in the Sky

Read this book about Bo and what she does with her family on Bonfire night.

Bing Fireworks story

Find out what Bing does on bonfire night.

Find out what Woolly and Tig do on Bonfire night.

Superworm - by Julia Donaldson. Childrens read-aloud (audiobook with colourful illustrations).

Meet the wriggliest, squiggliest superhero in the world!

The Highway Rat - Give Us A Story!

The Highway Rat runs the ''ighway', thieving as he pleases. That is until a clever duck gets the measure of him. But who will come out on top? A lovely reinv...

Jack and the FlumFlum tree by Julia Donaldson. 14th October

Sorry about the picture quality I will try and make this better tomorrow.

Stick Man - by Julia Donaldson.

The world is a dangerous place for Stick Man. Will he ever find his way home? Music: Tiny People Musician: Alexei De Bronhe URL:

Spinderella by Julia Donaldson, Read aloud book for kids, Tale Story for kids and babies

Spinderella is yet another fascinating story for children written by Julia Donaldson. This tale tells us about a small spider called Spinderella and how she ...

Julia Donaldson : Tiddler - The Story Telling Fish

Listen to the story read to you

A Squash and a Squeeze By Julia Donaldson & Illustrated by Axel Scheffler

The first book that Julia ever wrote
Copyright Disclaimer Under Section 107 of the Copyright Act 1976 Copyright Disclaimer under section 107 of the Copyright Act of 1976, allowance is made for "...

ZOG - By Julia Donaldson. Children's illustrated audiobook.

Zog is the keenest dragon in school and the most accident prone! Will he ever win a Golden Star? Music: Dear Autumn Musician: @iksonofficial

Fraser Reads "The Smartest Giant In Town" by Julia Donaldson

Written by Julia Donaldson & illustrated by Axel Scheffler Read by me as I would read it to my son :-) Hopefully parents will find it useful and kids enterta...

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