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Can you recognise and read phase 5 tricky words (words that cannot be sounded out easily) oh, their and people. Have a go at writing them down a few times in your green home learning book.


Your sound for today is ay, this ay sound is found at the end of a word.

Write the ay sound down in your green home learning book using our cursive handwriting.

Please watch the song below as an introduction, you might want to sing along and read each ay word as it appears in the song.

Ay Sound Phonics Song 'Stay Pay Hay Play' - A fun phonics song for children!

The Phonics ay Song - a fun song to help your child learn & understand the phonics sound 'ay'. Lyrics below!If you do watch our stuff on YouTube it would be ...

Read out the following ay words to your child and see if they can write them in their green books with sounds buttons under the different letters


May      stray      clay      spray      crayon     





Click on the link below, select phase 5, then select the sound ay to begin playing 'Buried Treasure' from the phonics play website.

Drag each gold coin into the treasure chest if it is a real word or drag it into the dustbin if it is an alien word. Good luck!


Finally read the questions and sentence below. Can you give your family the answers to the two questions?


Can a crayon spray paint?


Can a stray cat play?


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