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Can you recognise and read phase 5 tricky words from yesterday oh, their and people. Have a go at writing them in a sentence in your green home learning book.


Your sound for today is a-e

This a-e sound is called a split digraph which means the sound ae is split by another letter for example in the word lake the ae sound is split by the letter k.

Practice writing the letters a and e, forming them correctly, using our cursive joins, in the air and on mummy or daddy's back.


Click and watch Ash in the phonic video below. Read the a-e words with him and have a go at spelling them during the spelling section of the video in your green book.

Phonics: The 'a-e' spelling [FREE RESOURCE]

English - EYFS/KS1: Ash's phonics - The 'a-e' spellingThis video features in Discovery Education Espresso's Phonics resources. The six modules are based on t...

Read out the following ae words to your child and see if they can write them in their green books with sounds buttons under the different letters and a line to join the a and e letters (like the rainbow in the video)


came        made       make       take       race       

Once they are checked by adult can you write a sentence using these a-e words?




Click on the link below, then click the start button, click next at the bottom of the page and then select the a-e cake button. Read each sentence containing the a-e sound

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