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I bet you are amazing at phase 2 to 5 sounds now. Click on the link below to find a PowerPoint of your sounds. Click enable editing at the top, then slide show and then from the beginning.


Your child has to say the phonic sound they see and click for the next sound to appear. Your child should be recognising these sounds now. 

Phase 2, 3 and 5 Sounds


Something fun for your tricky words today, click on the link below to access the game and click on the year 1 book. Enjoy!


Teach and Practise


Your sound for today is o-e

Write the o-e sound down in your green home learning book, remember your teacher wants to see careful and neat handwriting! 

Please watch Mr Thorne below as an introduction, can you pause the video to read the o-e words?

o-e split digraph - Mr Thorne Does Phonics

Watch UK school teacher Mr Thorne and Youtube sensation Geraldine the Giraffe take you on a learning journey through the world of phonics, grammar, spelling ...

Read out the following o-e words to your child and see if they can write them in their green books with sounds buttons under the different letters and a curved line above the sound o-e.


nose      hope      those      globe      cone




Please read the questions below and answer then in your green books.


Can a stone explode?


Do you think you will find a bone in your home when you are all alone?


Will you see a queen on a throne or on an envelope?

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