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Click on the link below to play the Read and Race game. Follow the instructions on how to play. There are 5 games, you can choose which one you would like to play.



Today I would like you to make a tricky word bookmark using all the phase 4 words:


said   have   like   so   do   some   come 

little   one   were   out   what   when   there


Your bookmark could be a thin piece of paper with the phase 4 words written in a list and maybe a little picture. There are some examples below or you could make it look like the phase 5 bookmark you created in January.


Bookmarks are so useful to keep your place in a book that you are reading.

Good luck, I can't wait to see your finished bookmark!


Teach and Practice


Yesterday we looked at the graphemes for the ai sound. Can you write down the following words in your book using the different ways of writing the ai sound. Read the words out loud to your child for them to record in their Remote Learning books.


make     clay     snail     eight     grey     date     tray




Can you read the sentences below using the phonic sound we have learnt. 


Snakes and ladders is a good game to play.


If a lady, in a grey apron, is on a train that gets delayed, should she complain?


Can a snail get on a plane to go away on holiday?

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