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Click on the document below to recap the phase 5 sounds that we have learnt so far.




Today I would like you to read and practise writing the tricky words below. Can you put each one into a sentence?


little     one    do     when


Our sound for today is the i sound.


We are going to look at the two different sounds it makes, use the video below to give you a better understanding of the long and short sound this letter makes.


Alternative pronunciation of /i/ (find)

Now you understand the 2 different sound the i letter can make i would like you to click on the document below and read the words containing i. Choose 2 short i words to write sentences about and 2 long i words to write sentences about, eg.


My kitten has white paws. (short i sound)


I drink 8 pints of water every day. (long i sound)



Use the i sound to read these sentences.


The wild child did a trick.


You will find a big stick behind the tree.


Remind me to stick things in my mind.

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