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Today we are going to play the Splat Game.


To play you will need to open the document below and copy just the sounds into your green book or you can print out the document. 

Next get 22 small pieces of paper and write each sound on 1 piece of paper eg ay, then ou, then ie etc.

Put all the pieces of paper in a pile face down so you cannot see the sounds.

Play with a friend, one person picks up a piece of paper and says the sound, see who can find the sound first in your green book or on the sheet if you have printed it out. As soon as you see the sound splat it by placing your hand over it.

You want to be the person who finds the sound first!


Good luck!! Did you splat the most sounds first or did your friend?

Phase 5 Sound Mat



Please use the tricky word truck game on phonics play to recap the tricky words we have learned so far.


Click the link below, then log in, Click the resources tab at the top of the page and scroll down to find Tricky Trucks, select Phase 5 ALL HFW


Teach and Practise


Your sound for today is ph

Write the ph sound down in your green home learning book, remember your teacher wants to see careful and neat handwriting!

Please watch the video below, reading the ph words using the sound buttons.

Digraph PH Sound Song l Phonics for English Education

Let's learn sound of digraph PH with super exciting phonics song !Hello Carrie Phonics can help you learn 26 alphabets from A to Z, digraphs and long vowel p...

Read out the following ph words to your child and see if they can write them in their green books with sounds buttons under the different letters and a line under the sound ph.


                   phonics        dolphin          prophet             elephant        alphabet           photo




Please open the game below, don't worry if you don't have a printer, you can copy it into your green book and play it in there.


Have fun!



Wh and Ph Game

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