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Use Phonics Pop to practise the sounds we have learned so far using the link below.


Click the link and then select the sounds ee, ew, wh, au and ir.




Can you read and put the Phase 4 high frequency words into a sentence? 


went     from     children     it's     little



Teach and Practise


Your sound for today is wh


Write the wh sound down in your green home learning book, remember your teacher wants to see careful and neat handwriting!

Please watch Jack Hartmann introducing the digraph wh through his song.  

Digraphs | Let's Learn About the Digraph wh | Phonics Song for Kids | Jack Hartmann

Learn about the digraph "wh". A digraph is when two letter sounds or phonemes combine to make one sound or phoneme. When the /w/ sound combines with the /h...

Read out the following wh words to your child and see if they can write them in their green books with sounds buttons under the different letters and a line under the sound wh.


which    whisper    when    wheel    why    whenever    white




Use the link to play Picnic on Pluto.

Click start, Phase 5 and select wh.


How much did you score, could you read all the wh words?

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