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Can you use the link below to Train Your Brain to remember the tricky words we have learned this week:

oh, their and people


Click the link, log in, select resources, then phase 5 and scroll down to find the Train Your Brain game.


Your sound for today is ea

Please watch the video below as an introduction, join in reading the ea words on the screen. At the review part, what can you see, can you sound out the ea word before it is revealed.

Phonics for Kids | 'ea' Sounds and 'ea' Words | ESL Kids World

Phonics: Long 'ea' sounds and words for young kids. Learn how to read 'ea' words with this interactive and fun phonics video lesson. This video practices 'ea...



In your green book practise writing the sentences with the ea sound. Parents, can you read out the sentence for your child to write in their books. Children, no cheating by looking at the screen you have to think of all the sounds you need to write each word, remember to start each sentence with a capital letter and end it with a full stop or question mark.


We sit on a seat and read books near the sea.


Can a sheep repeat a bleat?


At least we can have meat as a good treat.


Great phonic work this week Year 1, have some rest this weekend after a busy week and we will continue our learning on Monday, well done yes 

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