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Welcome to the Reception Gallery


We have added pictures we have been sent of home learning, have a look at the amazing things we have been doing at home. 


Please email your class teacher with any photos you have of your child and their home learning and we will add them to the gallery.


Scroll down to find your class!



Mrs Elvin’s Class

Yusuf has been busy completing his Home Learning Pack. Well done Yusuf!

Aleena has drawn a lovely picture of the park. Well done Aleena!

Aleena has been very busy learning all about our topic 'Under the Sea'! Well done Aleena

Safa has been enjoying the lovely weather with a walk along the canal.

Abdullah has been very busy doing all his work. Wow well done Abdullah keep up the good work!

Safa and her sister Zara have been very busy this week making their own Father's Day cards. Wow! They look amazing. Well done girls.

Yusuf in Mrs Elvin's class has been making the most of the lovely weather, by enjoying a family BBQ!

Wow! Yusuf in Mrs Elvin's class has made a wonderful model out of Lego!

The children have been visiting the park this week. Wow, we wish we could have been with you.

Look at all the learning we did last week! Wow, well done! Keep sending us your photos. (8th June 2020)

Mrs Elvin's class have been very busy during lockdown! Keep your work coming.

Mrs Diggle’s Class

Mrs Diggle's class have been very busy! Look at our AMAZING work! Well done everybody.

Mrs Whittle’s Class

Mrs Whittle's class have been busy! Look at our AMAZING work! Well done everybody.

Once again Mrs Whittle's Class have been very busy!
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