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The guidance from Government is that you keep your children home so that they can be safely cared for. If you are a critical worker and have no childcare please call school for advice. Please do not just arrive on Monday morning expecting childcare. Please understand that we will not be offering Education, it will be child care only.   Our aim is to keep both staff and children safe whilst allowing critical workers to go to work if this is essential. We will aim to provide childcare for as long as we can. Our staff are also vulnerable to the virus as are you and your families so we anticipate that staff will also be affected potentially reducing our capacity to provide childcare in our school setting.  Before we offer you childcare we will need some detail of your work to see how we can best support you. Please call or visit school so we can establish what support you will need.  I urge you to find alternative arrangements if you can. This is an essential service only.

Critical worker categories: NHS staff and social care, teaching staff, police, food retail workers, essential finance, essential utilities, essential transport. 

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