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Poetry Week

In school this week we would have been doing Poetry, we would like you to do some poetry work with your child at home.

We would like your child to -

* Know what a poem is and be able to recite a simple poem.

* Match actions and sounds to words in the poem.

* See and hear word patterns/rhyming words in the rhyme/poem.


Go through the ‘Bear’ PowerPoint below and read through  the poems. Look at the vocabulary used and the rhyming words. Use real teddy bears to act out some of the poems. Get your child to join in and recite the poems.

Look at the bear power point again over the week and recap the poems. At the end of the week can your child tell you their favourite poem and give a reason why it's their favourite poem? Can they practise reciting it over the week and learn the words. Maybe on Friday they could perform the poem to the family with actions and props! You could maybe video it!

Send us a video if you like!

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