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Good morning everybody, we hope you have had a good weekend with plenty of rest ready to start a new week of learning.


Oral starter

  • Use the 100 splat square below to practise counting in 2's, 5's and 10's. 
  • Count forwards and backwards in 1's from any number.

In the game below please click the zero start button in the bottom right corner and make sure it goes red.

Recognise the place value of two-digit numbers


Your child will understand that the position of the digit in a number tells us the value of the digit.

For example, in ’25’, they will understand that the first number (2) shows the number of tens, and the second number (5) shows the number of ones. So there are two tens and five ones in the number 25. Note that your child will say ones and not units when talking about place value.

Your child will also understand using zero as a placeholder. For example, when writing the number seventy, we write this as 70, where 0 is used to show that there are no ones in the number.

Today's activity is practical so no need to write anything down. 


Use the links below. Say a 2 digit number and see if your child can tell you how many tens and how many ones are in the number. Use the arrow cards to make the number on the arrow card game below. Count the tens and ones together then click the big blue button to separate the tens and ones.


Yellow and red group work with numbers to 100.

Green and blue group work with numbers to 20 (and above if you think they can manage).

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