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Good Morning everybody! We hope you have had a good rest over the weekend and are looking forward to another week of exciting learning! 

We read some super Enormous Turnip stories last week, you did really well! This week we are going to focus on another 'Traditional story'  a story I know you will all love!

It's Jack and the Beanstalk. Do you know this story? Can you name all the characters before you read it? Try and re-tell your own version of the story to your family before you read it. Who's the good character? Who's the bad character? Is it a happy ending?

Now we would like you to look at the story below, get somebody to read it to you today.

Mum or dad whilst reading the story to your child please stop to ask questions throughout such as…Can you name the characters in the story? Who are the main Characters? Where is the story set? What happens at the beginning, middle and end? Can you guess what will happen at the end of the story or next? Why do you think that? Explain this week we are going to be focusing on looking at the characters of the story.

Ask your child to  name the characters and write them down in their book.

We would like to look at the character profile below of Jack, read all the adjectives used to describe him. Discuss with your child what each word means. In the remote learning book you could either print the picture of Jack and put it at the top of the page or your child could draw Jack. Under the picture we would like your child to write a list of adjectives to describe Jack. Let them have a go at spelling the words themselves using sounds they know.

Green   Write 5 of your own adjectives to describe Jack, have a go at spelling the words yourself use the sound mat below.

Blue   Write 3 adjectives pf your own to describe Jack, have a go at spelling the words yourself use the sound mat below.

Yellow & Red Groups - write at least 10 adjectives to describe Jack in your best handwriting, remember to use your sounds when spelling the words.

Sound mats to help with writing

Additional activities 
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