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Mental Maths (every Friday)

You could do a mental maths test with your child every Friday like we do in school! Let them have a go at doing it independently, (if you can't print them off, then just open the page and they could write the answers on a piece of paper). You could then mark the paper and go through the answers, discussing any mistakes with your child and how to work out the correct answers. The tests start off easy and get harder!

Time (Week 1)

We have been learning about time in class. All children can now tell the time to o'clock, please help your child to learn half past and quarter past. If they can do this then challenge them with quarter to. Talk about routines of the day - What time do you get up? What time does school start/finish? What time do we have dinner? What time do you go to mosque?What time do you go to bed? 

You can visit and look at the videos and activities on time aswell as the activies on 

Money - you can have lots of fun with money! (Week 2)

Set up a little shop in the house and play shopkeepers whilst your at home! Can your child recognise a 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p, 20p, 50p and £1 coin? Give them a selection of coins to play with. Visit the shop and buy a packet of crisps for 10p - can they find the correct amount of money to pay with? Can they just pay with a 10p coin or can they make 10p using different coins? Once they can do this you can challenge them further - they go to the shop for a cake costing 13p and pay with a 20p coin? Do they need some change? How much?

Use the resources below for further ideas and remember to look at money activities on Education City and

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