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Maths 11.00-12.00 Noon

Practise counting in jumps of 2's, 5's and 10's using the 100 square splat below. Can you challenge your child to count backwards in jumps of 2's, 5's or 10's?

This week our maths topic is fractions.


In Year 1, your child will learn that fractions are about sharing. They will think about fractions as a part of one object or as part of a group of objects, focusing on halves and quarters.


Recognise a half as 1 of 2 equal parts of something

Your child will begin to think about halving as sharing equally into two parts or groups.

First, they will try halving a shape or object into two equal parts (for example, finding half of a pizza). Then, they will learn to find half of a group of objects (for example, finding that half of 4 pizzas is 2 pizzas). They will do this by sharing the total number of objects equally between two groups, one object at a time.

Half Sheet- you can also draw the shapes in your child's book and ask them to tick the shapes that are half shaded

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