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Maths 11.00-12.00 Noon

Oral starter

Practise saying doubles and halves to 20. See if your child can do it quickly. You say:

Double 6 is ......

Half of 4 is .......

Double 9 is....

Half of 16 is .......

See if your child can reply. If they are struggling do below 10 and use objects to do to 20.


To find a quarter, you need to count how many objects there are in the whole first. Then share the total number into four equal groups. A quarter is the number in one group.

You can use the printable sheet below to find a half or a quarter or you could use objects in your house  and ask your child to share them into 4 groups then tell you how much a quarter of the amount is. They can record this in their home learning book e.g.

¼ of 8 is 2

¼ of 12 is 3

Remind your child that each quarter has to be equal.


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