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Maths 11.00-12 Noon

Oral starter

Say a number up to 10 and see if your child can say what double the number is quickly. Practise this with all the numbers to 10 in a different order.


Explain that the opposite of double is half and to find half of something we have to share it between 2 equal groups. You can also tell your child that halving means dividing by 2 (you can show them the divide sign ÷ as we have taught this before in school).

Halving small numbers

Halving numbers

Use the shape hunt sheet below or list the shapes in your remote learning books and go on a shape hunt round your house. Every time you see one of the shapes put a tally mark next to it on your sheet for example:


cone         l I I

sphere      I I

cylinder     I

cube          I I I I

cuboid       I I I

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