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Maths 11.00-12 Noon

Hello everybody, we hope you have had a nice weekend. Thank you again for all the photos you have shared with us of your child's work on 3D shapes. We have seen some super work!

This week are Maths topic is capacity.

Let your child explore capacity using different containers. They could do this in the bath or the sink. Give them different sized containers and ask them to fill them half full, full, empty, nearly full and nearly empty. See if they can order the containers from smallest capacity to largest. If you have plastic measuring jugs fill it to the litre measure and tell them that 1000ml is the same as 1 litre. Choose a small container and ask your child to estimate how many of them it will take to fill a litre jug. Once they have estimated let your child check how many cupfuls of the container it takes to reach the 1 litre mark. 

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