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Home Learning w/b 19.10.2020

This page has been set up for Mrs Khan's class,  Miss Houghton's class and any of Mrs Massey's class who are self isolating. Please try to complete some Phonics work, English and Maths every morning this week. In the afternoon we would like you to log on to Education City and complete activities on there. Also in the afternoon we would like you to go to Oxford Owl (see link below) and read a book - it's very important that whilst you are at home you try and read everyday. Please use your homework books to complete your work, don't worry about filling them up, we can give you new ones when you return to school.

This is the Home Learning booklet for this week - you can either download it or arrange to pick it up from school, please ring school to arrange this.

9 - 9.30 Daily phonics

Monday - 'or' 

Tuesday - 'ur' 

Wednesday - 'ow' 

Thursday - 'oi'

Friday - 'ear'

Your child can play phonics games on the website below. There are lots of games on here that your child will be very familiar with. Please encourage your child to play the games daily, start with the flashcards and also go through the tricky words daily. You could then have a go on the reading robot.

Phases 2 & 3 for Green and Blue groups

Phases 3 & 4 for Yellow and Red groups 

Login- march20

Password- home

We would also like you to go to Polly's phonics on Discovery Education  - go to free resources and revise all the phase 3 sounds. You can watch the videos, your child will tell you what to do! Continue with the phase 3 spelling booklet below, we have also added a phase 4 booklet, please try and complete these, if you can't print them off, do it in your homework book. If your child is in Yellow group and recognises all these sounds then move up with them to phase 4 or phase 5.

New Spellings for this week

Please copy these spellings into your spelling book, learn them all week and then on Friday you can get someone to test you.

Yellow & Red - called, did, from, girl, have, here, if, just, laugh

 Green & Blue - dog, are, go, can, look

9.30 - 10.30 English

10.30 - 10.45 Break & Snack

10.45 - 11.00 Handwriting

Please continue practising your cursive writing daily, continue with the sheets below or just practise in your books.

11 - 12 Maths

12.00-1pm Lunchtime

1-2.30 Topic work and extra English/Maths games & Activities -Please access these on the Education City Webiste. Your child will have their login in their reading books, if not please email school.

2.30 - 3pm Reading Time
Extra Reading activities

This weeks spellings

Remember to keep learning your spellings this week - mum or dad will be testing you on Friday! 

Yellow & Red groups - 

Green & Blue groups - 

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