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Below are some sheets you can print off to practise letter formation with your child.  Or you could use them and copy them into their homework books where they can practise their cursive formation.  Please ensure that each letter starts on the line this will allow your child to start joining their letters naturally.

Week beginning - Monday 11th January

This week s words are - we, wet, wilt, lute


Ask your child to practise writing the word wilt in their remote learning book, write 3 lines of the word practising using the joined cursive writing style. If you can print out the handwriting lines below  use them to copy the word onto.

Week beginning 4.1.21 - Tricky and common exception word handwriting

Week beginning 30th December - ie, ue, le, ed

Week beginning the 30th November - oa, oe, oo, on

Below are some sheets you can print out.

These will allow your child to practise joining letters to each other.  Each line is a continuous string of the same letter, they must form their letters correctly in order to complete each line without taking their pencil off.  If you are unsure how we teach them to write each letter in school please watch the video attached below.

Cursive Handwriting: How to Write the Alphabet

Use this video to make sure you are writing your letters the correct way. Looking right isn't enough if you want to start to do joined up writing!

Here are some sheets where you can start to join letters along with practise spelling some simple words.

Individual letters to practise. Every letter starts on the line this leads to your child naturally starting to join up their writing

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