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Maths 11 - 12 Noon

We hope you have had a lovely weekend with plenty of rest and relaxation. Thank you for all the work you did on tens and ones last week. It was great to hear that many of you became more confident at completing the work independently as the week went on.


This week maths is addition.


Oral starter

Write some number words randomly to (10 green/blue group and 20 red/yellow group)  in your child's remote learning book e.g.





Ask your child to read the word and then write the correct numeral next to it, like this

five 5

eighteen 18

If your child is in green group and can easily do to 10 then let them have a go at reading numbers to 20.

Show your child the addition + sign. Ask them what it is and do they know any other vocabulary for the sign? (plus, add, addition, all together) Ask them what happens to an amount when we add two amounts together? (it gets bigger).

Show your child an addition sentence with a missing number in the first part e.g.

5 +  =8

Talk about the fact that they can see the answer already. How could they find the missing number? What do they need to do? What could they use to help them?

Use a number line and show them that they can start with their finger on number 5 and then they have got to count how many jumps it takes to get to 8.


Some children find this activity quite tricky. If they are really struggling use objects to demonstrate and just keep practising a little every day with the number line. You don't have to print the addition cards off below you can just use them for ideas and copy them into the remote learning book.


I have added a number line to print off below or you could just as easily write numbers in a line to 20 for your child to use. If you have a 100 square you could also use that.

Number line to 20

Green and blue group addition cards

Yellow and red group addition cards

If your child can do these easily then please use higher numbers in the addition calculations.
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