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We come to the end of another week and we have to say how proud we are of you! We have seen some fantastic work on adjectives and conjunctions this week and can see how hard you are trying with your handwriting! Your families are amazing, supporting you with the daily tasks and making sure you complete your work. Please keep it up!

 It's Friday and what do we do on Fridays????


Spellings for today:

Yellow and Red groups -  must, out, saw, take, two, where, sister, them, time

Green and Blue groups -  was, dog, the, see, cat

 Hope you did well!


Spellings for next week - 

Yellow and Red groups -  another, where, half, laugh, little, once, people, should, these

Green and Blue groups - go, play, for, this, get

If your child is in Green group and can spell the Green group spellings then let them have a go with Yellow and Red groups spellings. 

Remember you have all week to learn them.



Can you put each spelling into a sentence

Task for today - I know you have really enjoyed this weeks traditional tale 'Jack & the Beanstalk'. Choose your favourite character from the story and write a character description. Describe the character using adjectives and try and use some conjunctions in your writing. Please email us your work.

On Fridays we would also like you to have a go at completing a 'Reading Comprehension'

Please can you read the 'Jack and the Beantsalk ' Story below and then read the questions about the story and try to answer them.


Yellow and Red groups - I would like you to try and answer the questions by yourself and then get an adult to check them with you.


Green and Blue groups - I would like an adult to read the story to you (maybe you can help them) and then they will ask you the questions and see if you can answer them - you don't need to write the answers down.


Reading Comprehension

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