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Today I would like you to finish the story. Read it one more time with your family and discuss what happens at the end. Then have a go yourself at writing the end, is it a happy ending?

Remember to try and use adjectives (describing words) to make your writing interesting. You could use conjunctions to extend your sentences and don't forget your capital letters and full stops.


Yellow and Red - I would like you to try and write at least half a page re-telling the end of the story, remember to use conjunctions, adjectives and punctuation.

Green group - can you write some sentences re-telling the end of the story.

Blue group - I would like you to try and write 1 or 2 sentences about what happened at the end of the story.


When you have finished, I would like you to sit down with someone in your family - mum, dad or older brother/sister. Read through your work with them and discuss how you could  improve it. Did you remember capital letters and full stops - if you didn't then today you can correct your work and put them in (maybe use a different colour). Did you use any adjectives to describe the turnip or any of the characters, if not put them in. Have you used your best handwriting, this is very important and something we must practise whilst we are at home. What else could you add to your writing to improve it? Discuss this with your family.



I would like to set you another task today as I think some of you may have nearly finished your story. Please can you read the Enormous Turnip Story below and then read the questions about the story and try to answer them.


Yellow and Red groups - I would like you to try and answer the questions by yourself and then get an adult to check them with you.


Green and Blue groups - I would like an adult to read the story to you (maybe you can help them) and then they will ask you the questions and see if you can answer them - you don't need to write the answers down.

The Enormous Turnip Comprehension

Spelling Test

It's Friday and what do we do on Fridays? Spelling Test - well today we are not going to test you instead we will give you some new spellings which you can learn over the next week and then your mum or dad will test you next Friday.


Yellow and Red groups -  must, out, saw, take, two, where, sister, them, time


Green and Blue groups -  was, dog, the, see, cat


If your child is in Green group and can spell the Green group spellings then let them have a go with Yellow and Red groups spellings. 

Remember you have all week to learn them.



Can you put each spelling into a sentence



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