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We are so proud of you all for completing this weeks learning and it has been great to see photos of the work you have been doing. Well done everybody! 


Oral starter

Count forwards and backwards to and from 100. Say a number for you child and ask them to count backwards or forwards from this number. Practise this a few times starting at different numbers. Let them use the 100 square to help them if needed (You may have a paper copy or you can use the 100 square from Monday's lesson

Ask the children to write numbers to 10 in digits followed by the word in their green remote learning book. e.g. 

1 one 

2 two

carry on to 10 for green and blue group children and 20 for red and yellow group children.



On Friday we always do a mental maths test. All children can work through the test below with as little or as much support as you feel is necessary.

If you don't have a printer to print the test don't worry let your child look at the screen then write their answers in the green remote learning book. 



There are 2 pages to the test the 1st is the test and the 2nd is the question and answer sheet for parents/carers.
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