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Writing activities

You can use these pictures to help your child develop their writing. Look at one of the pictures with your child and get them to tell you about what's happening in the picture, encourage lots of talk. If your child is struggling to give you a sentence then support them, talk about key things happening in the picture. Then ask them to write some sentences about the picture - encourage them to use capital letters and full stops. Can they use adjectives to describe things and conjunctions in their sentences? Remind them about using their best handwriting!


Here are some useful writing mats that you can use with your child - they show you the different stages of Year 1

Mat 1 Working towards expectations for Year 1

Mat 2 Expected levels for Year 1

Mat 3 Children above expected levels for Year 1

Reading Comprehension

Please encourage your child to read lots at home - remember to try and read a range of books with your child - use the Oxford Owl website with 100 free ebooks. We would like your child to develop their fluency and accuracy when reading but is also very important that your child can talk about what they have read. When they have finished reading ask them some questions about the book

Who is the author/illustrator?

Who was your favourite character in the story and why?

Would you like to go on an adventure? Where would you go?

Was it a happy ending or sad, if you could change the ending what would you do?

Check your child understands the meaning of new words. If reading an information book, talk about why we use a contents page, glossary and index?  Below are some reading comprehensions for you to complete with your child, they are a good way of checking your child understands what they are reading. Each comprehension has 3 levels the first one being the easiest and the third one the hardest. Yellow and Red groups could have a go on their own and write down the answers, if your child is in Green group or Blue group then maybe you could read the text to them, use comprehension 1 and ask them the questions and discuss the answers together. Lots of opportunity to talk and check your child's understanding of a piece of text.

Can your child read all the Year One common exception words?

Ten Little Lights -a story to read with your child

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