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English 9.30-10.30am

This week our story is The 3 Billy Goats Gruff - Did you enjoy listening to the story yesterday? Listen to another version of the story again today with your family.

Now spend time discussing this version of the story. Was it the same as yesterdays?

How do traditional stories usually begin? - 'Once upon a time'

How do they end? - They lived happily ever after.

Talk about the characters in the story, how many characters are there? Are there good and bad characters? Re-tell the story again to someone in your family, can you remember what happens at the beginning, in the middle and at the end?

Today I would like you to try and write the start of the story. This is an example of what you could write. I would like you to use some adjectives in your writing. Note how I have highlighted the adjectives in RED, adjectives are used to describe things and they make your writing much more interesting to read. I would also like you try and use some conjunctions - and, but, because, so. Conjunctions join two short sentences together to make a long sentence.


Once upon a time there were three Billy Goats Gruff. One day they saw a field of sweet, green grass on the other side of the valley. So they decided they wanted to go there because they had no juicy grass left. The problem was there was a nasty troll who lived under the bridge and everyone was scared of him. "I'll go first" said little Billy Goat and off he went over the big, bumpy bridge, trip - trap, trip -trap! SUDDENLY the big, ugly troll jumped up! "Whose that trip-trapping over my bridge?"


Remember punctuation -  capital letters and full stops. Yellow group you could try using commas , these can be used to split 2 adjectives together for eg. big, ugly troll. Think about the speech marks - used when somebody is speaking.


Yellow and Red - I would like you to try and write at least half a page re-telling the beginning of the story, remember to use conjunctions, adjectives and punctuation.

Green group - can you write some sentences re-telling the start of the story.

Blue group - I would like you to try and write 1 or 2 sentences about what happened at the beginning.


Start your writing in your book, remember to write the date and a title.

Use the word mat below to help you with your writing.

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