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English 9.30-10.30am

Good morning children, I hope you had a good weekend! Not long now before you will be back at school, this is our last week of remote learning!

This week we will be looking at instructions and writing a set of instructions. Do you know what instructions are? Why do you think we need instructions? Instructions are important as they tell you what to do. Look at the power point below with your family and discuss.

Look at the instructions for making a jam sandwich...

Now I would like you to complete the activity below. Remember when writing instructions we must have a title, for todays work that will be - 'How to make jam sandwich.' It's important to start each instruction on a new line, with a capital letter and full stop. We also need to make sure that we number each instruction, so anyone following the instructions know what order they come in.

Yellow/Red - Write the instructions for making a jam sandwich in your books, or you could use the writing sheet below.

Green/Blue - cut and stick the pictures and sentences in to your book or copy them out in the correct order, add numbers to each instruction to show the correct order.

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