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English 9.30 - 10.30am


Fantastic work again this week  children - you have worked so hard! Have you enjoyed your learning this week?

Today I would like you to start off with the spelling test and then move on to the labelling activity

Todays spelling test 

Yellow & Red -  being, coming, didn't, goes, might, thought, watch, first, half

Green & Blue - she, day, about, after, again


Extension Activity -

Put your spellings in to a sentence and write it down, don't forget your capital letter and full stop!


Spellings for next week

Yellow & Red - gone, think, woken, always, right, baby, through, happy, small

Green & Blue - back, boy, because, been, by, call

Now I want you to think about our learning this week on non-fiction books, remember the features - today I want you to focus on diagrams and labels

Yellow & Red group - I want you to draw your own diagram of a sunflower plant in your books, then I would like you to label the different parts.

Green & Blue - Label the parts of the flower.

Additonal Activity - Can you answer the question from the non-fiction text?

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