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English 9.30-10.30am

Good Morning everybody! We hope you have had a good rest over the weekend and are looking forward to another week of exciting learning! 

We read some super Billy Goat stories last week, you did really well, so many of you are now using adjectives and conjunctions in your writing! This week we are going to focus on another 'Traditional story'  another story I know you will all love, one of my favourites!

It's  'Little Red Riding Hood' I'm sure you all know this story! Can you name all the characters before you read it? Try and re-tell your own version of the story to your family before you read it. Who are the good characters? Who's the bad character? Is it a happy ending?

Now we would like you to look at the story below, get somebody to read it to you today.

The Story of Little Red Riding Hood

Mum or dad whilst reading the story to your child please stop to ask questions throughout such as…Can you name the characters in the story? Who are the main Characters? Where is the story set? What happens at the beginning, middle and end? Can you guess what will happen at the end of the story or next? Why do you think that? 

After reading the story I would like you to either print the stick puppets out or the masks, if you don't have a printer then you could help your child make their own characters on paper and cut them out. Once your characters are ready I would like your child to use their props to re-tell the story - acting it out with the props, family members can get involved and act out the story. Encourage your child to use expression - Use a sly voice for the Big, bad wolf, maybe a sweet voice for little Red Riding Hood! Encourage your child to have fun re-telling the story in their own words using the props.


Today I would like you to choose 1 or 2 of the Home Learning challenges below and try to complete them. You might only get time to complete 1 today, that's fine you can carry on with the others over the week. 

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