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English 9.30-10.30

Good morning everyone! Hope you have all had a lovely weekend and a good rest!

We finished our last 'Traditional Tale' last week and I know you really enjoyed all the different stories. We have seen some fantastic writing over these last few weeks with lots you using amazing adjectives, conjunctions and perfect punctuation to make your stories really interesting! Well done!!

I apologise over the mix up with spellings on Friday. Just so you are all up to date I am going to put the spellings for this week on again below;

Yellow & Red - asked, began. does, found, know, walk, almost, stopped, I'm

Green & Blue - they, you, going, yes, all


This week  we our going to be looking at 'Poetry'.

I would like you to start of with the power point 'What is Poetry?


Now read the selection of 'Farm Poems' with your family, they could read the poems to you and maybe you could help. See if you can you spot the different rhyming words.


Yellow & Red - Find 3 more rhyming words to go with each picture and complete the rhyming string. If you finish then you could make up 4 strings of your own on the last page.

Green & Blue - Add 2 words that rhyme with each picture to make a rhyming string?

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