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English 9,30-10.30

We have seen some fantastic writing again this week, children using adjectives and conjunctions and lots of punctuation! We know you are all trying really hard with your handwriting - keep it up! Your families have been amazing, supporting you with the daily work, please keep it up! 



Spellings for today - 

Yellow and Red groups - home, push, took, going, over, than, tree, with, what

Green and Blue groups - look, went, she, he, is

Good Luck!!


Spellings for next week - 

Yellow and Red groups - asked, began, does, found, know, walk, almost, stopped, I'm

Green and Blue groups -they, you, going, yes, all


If your child is in Green group and can spell the Green group spellings then let them have a go with Yellow and Red groups spellings. 

Remember you have all week to learn them.



Can you put each spelling into a sentence

On Fridays we would also like you to have a go at completing a 'Reading Comprehension'

Please can you read  'Goldilocks and the 3 bears' below and then read the questions about the story and try to answer them.


Yellow and Red groups - I would like you to try and answer the questions by yourself and then get an adult to check them with you.


Green and Blue groups - I would like an adult to read the story to you (maybe you can help them) and then they will ask you the questions and see if you can answer them - you don't need to write the answers down.

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