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English 9.30-10.30

A big well done to all the children that completed their Mr. Benn story and have sent it to their class teacher. Remember to return the finished story to school after the holiday. 


Today I would like you to start off with the spelling test.

All children have their spellings in the front of their orange book, please could an adult test them on these in the back of their orange book.


Extension Activity

Put your spellings into a sentence and write it down, don't forget your capital letter and full stop!


New Spellings

Please practice writing the days of the week in your spelling book for when we return, remember each day starts with a capital letter!



Comprehension Tasks


My Mr. Benn adventure story was all about him becoming a firefighter, please complete the firefighter comprehension below.

Blue Group

Please share the power point with your child and find out about the role of a firefighter

We hope you have a lovely holiday and can't wait to see you back in school for our final half term of Year 1! laugh

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