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English 9.30-10.30

Hello year 1, today we are going to continue with the writing of our Mr. Benn story. Yesterday you were asked to write up to the part where Mr. Benn steps through the green door that leads to adventures. Remember to read your work from yesterday before you begin the setting of the adventure today.


You can watch another Mr. Benn video to help you with the order of events that all his adventures follow.

Mr Benn - 5 ep. The Spaceman

Today I would like you to write about the setting of Mr. Benn's adventure and the problem he faces. Remember to use the story mountain plan that we completed in class on Monday, this is where you planned what you would write about for your own Mr. Benn adventure, it is very useful to support your writing.


Here is an example of how my story continues:


Mr. Benn found himself at the top of a quiet road lined with houses. He began to stroll down the road towards the houses, he could see crowds of people standing outside on the pavement towards the bottom of the road and wondered what all the commotion was about. Each house on the street had a metal gate and a small garden, he saw colourful, pretty flowers as he walked past and thick, green bushes. The noise from the group of people was getting louder as Mr. Benn approached the end house, he saw them all looking up and pointing at the sky. Mr. Benn lifted his head to see what all the fuss was about and immediately saw thick, black smoke filling the blue sky above, the people were panicking and shouting "Help! Help!" As Mr. Benn got closer he discovered that the smoke was coming from a window of the end house, flames were raging and the fire was beginning to spread! All the people turned to see Mr. Benn standing there in his firefighting costume, they began screaming, begging him to do something quickly!


Please remember and use adjectives (describing words) to make your writing interesting and detailed. You could use conjunctions to extend your sentences and don't forget your capital letters and full stops. Remember we have been trying to use question marks and exclamation marks in our writing so please include these.


Yellow and Red - I would like you to carry on from yesterday and write a page about Mr. Benn's setting and problem in your story, remember to use conjunctions, adjectives and punctuation including speech marks.


Green group - I would like you to carry on from yesterday and write at least half a page about Mr. Benn's setting and problem in your story, remember to use conjunctions, adjectives and punctuation.


Blue group - I would like you to try and write some sentences about the problem in your Mr. Benn story.


Don't forget to send your work to your class teacher so we can check what you have done so far and support you before you write the next part of your story.

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