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Today we are going to continue with our recount work. The title for your recount today is 


My First Day at School


I would like you to think about your first day in reception class. Think about getting ready that morning for your first day at school, how did you travel to school that day and who brought you to school. Write about how you were feeling and what your teacher and teaching assistant were called. Think about what happened that morning, did you play in the sand? Were you creative using playdoh? Did you play in the home corner?


Remember you need to think about punctuation in your sentences and please include adjectives and conjunctions to extend your sentences. Remember the time words you can use to start your sentences; First, Then, Next, A little later, In the morning etc.


You are going to start the recount today and finish it tomorrow. I can't wait to hear about your first day at Audley Infants!

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