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Hello Year 1! This week we are going to write a recount. Please look at the power point below to show you what a recount needs and look at the prompt poster together.


Talk your child through the power point explaining a recount is when you tell people about something that has happened to you or someone else. Tell your  child that they are going to use their knowledge of recounts to produce a written recount of a trip they have been on, a day out or a holiday.


To help your child you might look at photos from the visit or holiday. Talk about the things they saw and what order they did them in.


Model the features of good sentences. Ask your child to write First, Next, After that, Then and Finally. Encourage your child to use punctuation, conjunctions and adjectives in their writing. The recount will be written over 2 days- Monday and Tuesday.


I have started one below and will show you how it ends tomorrow.

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