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Cracking writing

          Cracking Writing!

         Writing Intervention Group.

Can all completed work be sent to Mrs Grunshaw


If your child works with Mrs Grunshaw for `Cracking Writing` you will have had an email.


Please ensure your childs name is on each piece of work.

2 E.T and 2 J.T. Your topic is swimming.

I would like you to read through the text `Going Swimming` Then I want you to re-write the sentences but you need to fill in the missing word so the sentences make sense.


Remember to!


Use capital letters,

Finger spaces,


Neat writing,


The work below is for Mrs Taylors class and Mrs Tyldesleys
Looking at conjunctions.

Tuesday - 19th January 2021.


Using Conjunctions.

Monday 25th January 2021

Monday 1st February 2021


Writing instructions

Below is the work for 2J.B

Below is the task I would like you to complete.

Thursday 21st January 2021

Today I would like you to use your adjectives you did the other day on your mindmaps. I want you to do at least 6 sentences each with a noun phrase in or an expanded noun phrase- using two adjectives and a noun.


You will blow me away if you also use conjunctions, verbs, adverbs in your writing.


Adjectives - describing words         beautiful, enchanted, stunning


Noun phrases - using an adjective and a noun:       enchanted castle,

                                                         stunning, pink dress,



Monday 25th January 2021


Sentence Types.

Wednesday 27th January 2021


I would like you to watch. `The Three Billy Goats Gruff`. Listen carefully because you are going to be rewriting your own story soon.


Enjoy the story.

Monday 1st February 2021


Writing the beginning of a story.

beginning of a story

Thursday 4th February 2021


Writing the middle of a story.

Thursday 11th February 2021


End of the story.


Using all the things you know. Look at my ending and then do your own.

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